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“In 10 Days you will FEEL the difference
    In 20, you will SEE the difference…
       and In 30, you will have a NEW BODY


Get a tailored training and coaching plans to your individual needs and lifestyle


Book your discovery Health coaching call and get the support you need


A relaxed mind and balanced body leads to a peaceful, more energetic soul and harmonious lifestyle…
It’s about being able to command your body to do whatever you please.


At the end of the day, feel the difference and the transformation


It’s not just about weight. Get a full body composition scan to track your progress.

believe in yourself

The result of true movement is natural, effortless action, and the confidence, ease, openness and peace only possible through perfect unity of mind and body


A community of like-minded people


Health based results approach to training women

Get Fit & Healthy

Combining our knowledge in nutrition and wellness coaching and Fitness training, we can tailor a program that will help you achieve your goals, and build a lifestyle of long life transformation. From 1:1 Personal training to group BootCamp, or combination of different classes.



No mater what is your skill, fitness level, age or gender, Pilates is for everyone. You can chose to join a specific training through the studio, or a group Mat or Barre class. Not sure where to start, give us a call and we can help you through your pathway.


Female Health Performance

I believe that women need different training advice at different times of their lives. If we don’t start conversations around incontinence, prolapse, Diastasis, pelvic pain and working on developing good habits and get empowered against limiting self and social beliefs – then women are often left suffering in silence.

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Move Better

Feel Younger

Attune your MIND, Control your BODY, Transform your LIFE…

Start easy then tune up.

for a successful practice, learn the foundation of Pilates first.

Proper preparation

You can’t strengthen a bent tree, we work on your posture to prepare you to the next step.

Too fit to quit

Being fit is a commitment to your health and yourself. Fit people, never quit.

Decide, Commit, Succeed

Your success is an outcome of your 100% commitment to your self

Exercise until the body obeys

With Pilates, you will learn how to be in control of your body!

Use it or lose it

You will find yourself using muscles you didn’t think they exist in your body

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Old habits die hard. You will be thrilled with how much control you will gain on your body. with our approach in Pilates, Fitness and Martial Arts, you will go through a mind-body transformation, and the results… Amazing strength from the inside-out, improved posture, ability to manage your aches and pains that can be caused from old daily habitual movement, and above all, a mindful movement in every day life activities. And not to mention, Feeling good and confident in your skin.


through your chosen pathway, we work together to decide the most suitable plan to help you achieve your goals.


We will keep you motivated and provide the support you need, but for best outcome, you need to commit to your plan.


Trust the process and our trainers. From good posture to improved core strength and self-confidence, you will have amazing results.


We are passionate about what we do, and always seeking knowledge and solutions to provide the best service we can. Stay up-to-date with our latest news and health & fitness tips.

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What Our Clients Say…

Anthony Freeman

Pascoe Vale Girls College.

client” Maisa had a strong passion for Pilates, she delivered a great range of exercises and provided students with different options based on their fitness levels. Student’s were enjoyably challenged in a new way to exercise”.

An Sneyer

Client  “Maisa has been helping me to realign my posture to prevent the frequent aches and pains I used to deal with, and to create a healthier lifestyle for myself. Maisa’s approach is highly personalised and her studio has a homely feel to it, which makes it so much easier for me to get over myself and get on with doing something I have long felt uncomfortable doing. With great attention to detail, she is able to identify which muscle groups need developing and tweaking so that my body learns to sort itself out. I love Maisa’s passion and commitment and am looking forward to adding a nutritional component to the work we do together. Working with her is the kind of investment in yourself that will pay off for the rest of your life.”

Fawsia H

Client“I am extremely impressed by Maisa’s one on one pilates sessions. I feel like I am not only being listened to but I also feel as though my needs are really being met with the tailor made sessions I am provided. It’s so refreshing getting what it is that you have paid for. I’ve had a few sessions and already feel the changes made to my body. My posture was horrendous, I couldn’t sit on the floor without pain. Now I can sit and feel no pain at all. It’s so amazing! Thank you soo much, Maisa.”


Client“Maisa provides highly personalised sessions that I look forward to every week. She is professional, friendly and highly knowledgeable. She is able to explain and demonstrates the principles of Pilates in easy to understand terms and the exercises have both strengthened and toned my body. I start my week feeling stretched and energised and am able to use the principles she has taught me at home as well.”

Meher Idrees

Client“Maisa is a truly outstanding personal trainer. She draws on her impressive expertise in health and a range of fitness disciplines to design a tailored program to achieve individual fitness goals. But most of all for a newbie starting with low self-esteem she provided me with the encouragement and reassurance (albeit with a firm hand) to break through my mental and physical limits.

Maisa has a wonderful personality, a great attitude and an enthusiastic commitment to her work ethic and clients. I would recommend her without reservation.”

Donna Oliver

ClientMaisa is very knowledgeable about Pilates and how it benefits every part of the body.
She recognises my body’s strengths and weaknesses and tailors classes exactly to my needs. I come away from our sessions feeling though I have achieved something very positive, and confident that I will reach my goal to increase and maintain body strength, tone and flexibility.
Each session has varying exercises and movements, which keeps things interesting. My body is changing for the better; even my family and friends noticed improvement just several weeks after I started at Body Contrology.

Maisa’s encouraging and friendly attitude during our sessions helps motivate me to return each week. I feel the sessions offer real value for money.

Maisa has a wonderful personality, a great attitude and an enthusiastic commitment to her work ethic and clients. I would recommend her without reservation.”


ClientI started pilates mainly out of curiosity, never having done it before, I had no expectations. I found it a challenge – but with excellent guidance from an instructor who had a sound knowledge of correct body movement, I was surprised to find my posture changed into better alignment and I felt a lot stronger.