Women Health Specialist

“It is not living that matter… But living right!


Empowering Women for life

I believe that women need different training advice at different times of their lives.

I believe that our standard training techniques simply do not cater to the different hormone changes that a woman goes through as part of her monthly cycle and her life cycles of pregnancy, postnatal, peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause.

I believe that if we don’t start conversations around incontinence, prolapse, Diastasis (splitting of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy), pelvic pain and working on developing good habits and get empowered against limiting self and social beliefs – then women are often left suffering in silence.
Sex differences in exercise physiology are only just beginning to be explored at a more in-depth level. Recognition of the limited and biased research in regards to females and the effect of female sex hormones on exercise and performance has spawned a new focus.

Here at Body Contrology, we understand these difference and will help you unlock your female exercise potential around your current lifestyle and body needs.


Body Transformation

Whether you want to tone up, get fit, feel younger, lose a few kilos or a lot of weight, our comprehensive assessment process gives us the ability to create fitness programs that are not only focused on your individual needs and goals, but that also address key lifestyle factors like energy and stress levels, eating habits, and rest cycles. We work then together to discuss the best approach that suits your life style and help you through the gradual change needed ensuring that you’re doing optimal training for your fitness level.


One Body At a Time

Unlike a gym or other personal trainers, we don’t do “one size fits most” programs. Every session will be customised around you, your goals, your strengths, your challenges and your likes and dislikes. If you are fit, we’ll get you fitter, and if it’s been a few years or decade since you’ve exercised, you have an injury, disability or other special needs, we’ll ensure you start out slow and always put your safety and comfort first.


Feel The Difference

We won’t promise a quick fix approach as how rapidly your body responds to a new exercise program depends on a number of factors including Your goals, Where you’re starting from, How consistent you are, The intensity of exercise, What you’re eating, Whether you’re getting adequate rest and Genetics.

Now before you go getting all depressed and change your mind, remember that stopping and starting an exercise program won’t get you there any faster. Focus on the day-to-day challenges of committing to your sessions and making wise nutritional choices and before long, you (and everybody else) will be wowed by the results of your efforts!