July 2, 2016by Maisa1

Eid celebrations are in order as Ramadan comes to a near end. What happens when Ramadan is over? How easy is it to fall back into overeating? How hard is it to start going back to the gym if you’d taken a break during Ramadan? have you thought about how you plan to ease back into your daily routine? Here are some tips on how to maintain, establish (or re-establish) a normal, healthy diet and exercise routine when the rules of Ramadan no longer guide your schedule:


May 30, 2016by Maisa

We all know exercise works to prevent, improve or control many health conditions. It is also fun and feels great. But what about during Ramadan? Exercise in Ramadan is less about going to the gym, or having a structured program but rather incorporating some physical activity into your daily life. The key to safe exercising in Ramadan is to adjust your routine and listen to YOUR body. During the day (while fasting) focus on maintaining normal activities and catching up on sleep with short power naps.