Pregnancy Pilates is a safe, challenging Pilates experience that will help prepare and strengthen your body and mind for your birth experience and assist in a quicker recovery.

Keep fit and strong during pregnancy and beyond

The classes are designed to help your body cope with the ever-changing requirements of your developing pregnancy whilst providing you with a dynamic and effective workout.


While it is recommended that you attend studio sessions for best results, Pre& Postnatal Matwork group is also available (min of 3 to start a class). Bookings for classes are essential as we keep our class numbers small to ensure you get the attention you need.

You are able to join the Post Natal classes if you have been cleared by your doctor at your six (natural birth) or eight (caesarian) week check up.

Feel free to come on your own, or to bring bub either in the pram or in a Baby carrier until they are highly mobile (so they don’t crawl under your feet during squats!).

All studio sessions are 60 mins. You can select Select from our range of Studio sessions and packages.

New customer and new to Pilates will start out with an Initial Consultation and from the outcomes of your Initial Consultation, your program will be developed. After your Initial Consultation, you will need to attend a minimum of two Private appointments before being ready to continue in a Duet or Semi-Private sessons.

Studio Pilates may be undertaken as a Private appointment, a Duet appointment (where you share your instructor with one other person) or a Semi-Private appointment (where you share your instructor with up to three other people).

Regardless of which appointment type you choose, each person still works through their own individual program under the supervision and guidance of their instructor.


Regular exercise is recommended for all women with uncomplicated pregnancies and Pilates is a great way to manage the hormonal and postural changes that occur. All Pre-natal classes at Body Contrology aim to target specific areas to help alleviate pregnancy related discomfort and reduce any symptoms relating to pelvic floor dysfunction. The benefits of participating in Pilates during the Pre-natal period include:

  • Strengthening Pelvic Floor muscles with an aim to prevent incontinence during both the Pre and Post-natal period
  • Strengthening the muscles of the lower back, hips and pelvis to decrease the prevalence and severity of pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain (PGP), symphysis pubis dysfunction and lower back pain
  • Improving both seated and standing posture
  • Preparing for the caring of an infant, particularly carrying and feeding, by improving postural awareness, strength and endurance of the muscles of the shoulders, neck and upper back
  • Assisting in relaxation


The Post Natal Pilates classes are specifically tailored to the needs of a new mum to help you build internal and external strength, flexibility and boost self confidence.

Now that you have given birth, you are ready to start strengthening your core to support your spine, and getting back your shape. Bring your baby along to class to join in part of it with you or they can chill out in the pram close by.

Benefits of our Post Natal Pilates classes include:

  • Improved Pelvic Floor function to decrease the risk of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse
  • Encourage rectus abdominals to knit back together after separation during pregnancy
  • Reshape your body to produce a longer, leaner and more toned physique
  • Regain muscle memory connection for your core and restore function of abdominal muscles.
  • back, neck and joint support
  • Upper body stretching to alleviate tension
  • Upper body strengthening to help with feeding (babies can be heavy!)
  • Improved flexibility, general wellbeing and stress release
  • Helps with deep, peaceful sleeping
  • Elongation of the spine and correct posture
  • Building self confidence